What is colloportus?

Colloportus is our product for physical access management:

We provide to you a state-of-the art solution to organize tickets & staff access for your event in a save, easy and cheap way using blockchain technology.

You can manage access with maximum of security & privacy and minimum of costs.

Our Solution provides you a solution to:

  1. Sell & Give away Tickets
  2. Check and organize access – automated and fast access control processes
  3. Securely share and manage staff access with your service providers
  4. Case of emergency: safely share information to emergency personnel to see how many persons are in every section.

Additionally colloportus enables you to:

  • be sure about amount of persons at any time in your location.
  • be sure about fraud try.
  • be sure that no fraud happend.
  • most securely log of validation request
  • ensure the privacy of your customers by asymmetrically encryption of every kind of information

If you would like to get additional information, please contact us